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Every school needs a plan to address issues of safety, security and emergency management...

Experts conducting site based vulnerability assessments agreed that most schools “are unprepared to respond and react to most emergency situations with any degree of desired proficiency.”


The American School Safety CRISIS RESPONSE KIT®

U.S. PATENT #7,628,275

We have developed a customized solution to address these issues and to empower educators and youth-serving professionals to successfully respond and react to emergency situations.

T he CRISIS RESPONSE KIT (CRK) is a customized, patented, portable and accessible emergency kit, designed for use during building emergencies, critical incidents, or for training and practice of situational response drills.

The CRK is intended be placed throughout each facility in key locations such as: Main Office, Guidance Department, Chemistry/Science/Laboratories, Athletic Department, Maintenance Department and individual classrooms. A duplicate copy of the Crisis Response Kit should also be kept off-site; preferably at the Superintendent's Office, Police Department, Fire Department, or Town Office of Emergency Management.

The CRK fills a crucial void in basic educator certification training, while facilitating collaboration between personnel who otherwise rarely meet to plan policies, procedures and guidelines for crisis response. Further, it provides a myriad of resource personnel to bolster areas where local first responders may lack expertise, e.g., essential hardware, legal implications, Gestalt security thinking, etc. And for those who worry about the cost of implementing such a comprehensive program, each kit costs less than $1 per child in most schools.


There is a need to cluster topics into: natural disasters, human caused disasters, evacuation stages, medical matters, etc., and to organize the documents so that their presentation is user-friendly before, during and after a crisis or emergency.”

Victor Ferry, PhD.
Senior on Call Security Consultant
Jennings Smith Investigations


Using the CRK's informational guidelines will insure vital site based information will be readily available to Police, Fire, and emergency responders in the event of an emergency.”

Ralph A. DiFonzo, Jr.
FBI Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.)
POST Certified Instructor, RAD & Associates, LLC


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  • Educational tool for teachers, administration and staff for familiarization of on-site security, safety, and emergency management plans, protocols and procedures.
  • Registration tag for updating, auditing and inspection by governing agencies.
  • Contains timely critical site-based information insuring its availability to first responders in the event of an emergency.
  • Website updates and informational bulletins for refreshing best practices information.
  • Access to nationally known, licensed security and audit professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: School/district customization is available.

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