AMERICAN SCHOOL SAFETY is a core group of security professionals with over 30 years experience in providing comprehensive audit and assessment services and developing written protocols for use during emergency situations for the educational community in the following areas:

  • School Security and Safety Conducting Safe School audits to determine the level of security and safety within each school district and formulating written protocols for use in an operational emergency plan involving situational response to school violence including hostage, hostile and/or suspicious intruder or weapons event on campus; development of long range strategic plans to secure the school; upgrade and enhancement of current access hardware and locking systems; and providing an effective communications program for use under exigent situations.
  • Networking Participating Schools Providing a Membership Web Site interlinking American School Safety participants in a continuing awareness campaign through resource information useful for linking public and private sectors.
  • Awareness and Training Providing on-site awareness and training modules during in-service program periods to teachers, administrators and staff. Highlights of the in-service training for educators include:
    • Conflict resolution through dialogue.
    • Identifying behavioral changes that underlie hostile intent by a student or students.
    • Techniques to foster cooperation between teachers and students in reporting suspicious activities which may lead to violent acts.
    • Reinforcing system wide protocols and their use during emergency situations.
  • Relationships Developing relationships between public and private sectors to develop and enhance school safety utilizing proven methods and procedures, and coordinating public safety efforts to insure a safe learning environment.
  • Publications  Fostering continued public and private sector relationships through publication of safe school media sponsored by participating companies.