School Emergency Response Plans

American School Safety crisis response plans photo.Our nationally recognized teams of School Safety and Security Experts have assisted school districts and private schools since 1998. We understand and appreciate the issues facing educators and take a balanced and reasoned approach in addressing security, safety and emergency management within educational facilities. The following expert services are offered to assist your schools in developing and refining an “All-Hazards” School Emergency Response Plan as required by law:

Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

A comprehensive plan requires an analysis of a number of possible impacts to your school. This review includes naturally occurring events and their historical geographic data, events of human design, and technology (system failures). This assessment provides the critical frame work to develop your plan. Our tool is based on nationally recognized processes but with an added focus on schools.

Facilitate the Formation of an All-Hazards Planning Committee

The success of any response is directly tied to the relationships that exist prior to the event. We facilitate the development of a committee with individuals of responsibility and/or active roles in the response actions of your plan. This committee will assist with the development and maintenance of the plan.

Emergency Operation Plan Review

We conduct a comprehensive review of existing plans, identify weaknesses, and recommend corrective actions. Our years of experience in this area allow us to utilize a balanced approach specific to each school or system. Our review includes compliance with current standards, regulations, and all applicable law.

All-Hazards Plan Development

We facilitate the development of a comprehensive All-Hazards Plan for your school/system, utilizing threat and hazard identification, risk assessment, and the All-Hazards Planning Committee to produce an effective and practicable plan.

Development of Continuity of Operations and Recovery Plan

In most cases, the only event plans that exist within a school are emergency plans. Few schools have developed plans that address getting back to the business of educating. We will work with you to provide a plan that addresses your post event needs.

Renovation or New Construction Consulting Services

Our team includes security subject matter experts and former municipal code enforcement officials with experience in implementing school safety enhancements while meeting code requirements. It is critical that a realistic approach balances the various alterations as well as the need to educate. In the end, schools need to be safe, but they need to be schools.


The success of any plan requires a working knowledge of the plan. Our team provides plan-specific training to your staff and stakeholders.


As with training, the need to actually exercise the plan and walk your staff, students and stakeholders through it is crucial. Our team will assist in developing an exercise using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology to evaluate your plan and training needs. Your exercise will include an After-Action Report (AAR) and a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). This process will assist with maintaining, improving and validating the plan.

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